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Sony Stock FAQ

  • Why should I trade Sony Corp stocks?

    Sony is one of the largest electronics and media conglomerates in the world. There are few people who haven’t heard of the Sony name or the Sony brand in everything from televisions and other electronics, to movies and gaming. And because Sony is a Japanese corporation it also provides traders with some diversification into the massive Japanese economy. After the dot-com crash of 2000 Sony looked to be washed up, with stocks declining for more than a decade, but since 2012 the stock has been on a consistent uptrend that looks to continue into the future.

  • Is Sony Corp the best electronics stock for trading?

    With its broad base in both electronics and entertainment Sony is an interesting choice for traders who are looking for a large cap name that can deliver enough volatility to become a good short-term trading stock. Sony fulfils this need with price action that can often see 1% daily moves in the stock to either direction. As a Japanese company it can also have reactions to the currency market, with a stronger Yen weighing on the stock price, while a weaker Yen can often give it a boost. This makes the stock more volatile than you might expect in such a large, diversified company, and many traders will find Sony a good addition to their daily watch list.

  • What’s the best strategy for trading Sony Corp stocks?

    With a tendency to move in long waves any strategy that incorporates some trend following characteristics will benefit Sony traders. Reversals around earnings releases are not uncommon, and the daily volatility of the stock gives short term traders the opportunity to trade around spikes and dips that keep to tight channels within the larger trend. Because the stock can react to changes in the value of the Japanese Yen risk management is also important to avoid any unpleasant surprises caused by currency moves.