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WebTrader – No Download, No Limit Trading

From its easy-to-use interface and modern design, this platform is simple to use and is suitable for both beginners and advanced traders. No need to download or install anything!

Why WebTrader?

This platform is perfect for people who want a simple user experience, with all the critical functionality directly from a web browser. You can access a wide selection of studies and indicators and get timeframes up to a month. Be sure to use Trading Central, which comes fully integrated into the platform, for technical insight and instant pattern recognition. No installation required and it’s available on any computer on any browser.

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Use the Wisdom of the Crowd

Buy and sell assets in seconds, and make educated decisions based on live market sentiment. Get accurate data on what AvaTrade’s community are buying or selling in real time and stay on top of the market without having to spend time on conducting your own technical or fundamental analysis.

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Take Control of the Markets

WebTrader gives you amazing features like AvaProtect™, a risk reduction tool which allows you to protect your trades from losing. Also set market and pending orders, take profit and stop loss, the option to partially close your positions, view trading history and charts. Open, close and edit individual and aggregate positions at the click of a mouse.

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See WebTrader in action,
watch our video

See WebTrader in action, watch our video

Trade with Confidence

AvaTrade: Trade with Confidence

Secured deposits with a regulated broker

Ultra-low spreads and swap rates

An Outstanding multi-lingual service and support

Invest in Yourself

In today’s economic climate, leaving your hard-earned money to sit in a bank may not be a good option. With low to no interest rates, inflation can take a bite out of your savings. It’s time to put your money to work. The forex market is traded by millions of people, globally, all at different financial stages in their life. AvaTrade offers a service for all types of traders, no matter what their financial objective. Start trading assets like cryptocurrencies, shares, gold, crude oil and more.

But how?
Can a person with little to no experience get into this market?

But how? Can a person with little to no experience get into this market?

Yes. AvaTrade places an emphasis on education. It is education and tools that make the trader. You can start by taking advantage of our many educational resources and use our demo account, which means committing no funds. You can practice trading, sometimes known as “paper trading”. First learn to manage your risk, your equity and place stop loss and take profit orders. Once you learn the basics, you could start experimenting with hedging techniques – how to “insure” your positions, scalping – the very high-pressure technique of building profits in very small and quick increments, and more. All in all, if you’re a beginner and want to test the waters, then online trading is the answer. Our WebTrader platform is simplicity itself; on the go, you can use our mobile AvaTradeGO app, and once you’ve gotten the hang of things – you might want to tackle vanilla options with AvaOptions.

What is WebTrader, and do I need experience to use it?

The WebTrader is an innovative online trading platform designed especially for traders looking for a simple and uncluttered interface. With its easy to use dashboard and modern design, online trading has never been so simple. There’s no need to download or install anything, and you can access WebTrader from any computer connected to the internet and trade from anywhere in the world. See in real time what our clients are trading at that very moment, get push notifications on everything that’s moving the markets and just trade! Minimum hassle, maximum results! Take your future into your own hands and experience one of the most user-friendly trading platform’s on the market.
What are you waiting for? Start trading with WebTrader today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about WebTrader

  • Is WebTrader affected by the constant electrical outages experienced in South Africa?

    In South Africa, the parastatal Eskom is notorious for its unreliability. Frequent power outages are a reality in South Africa, and will be for the foreseeable future. As such, disruptions to Internet connections are commonplace, but will not affect received trades with WebTrader. When buy or sell actions are implemented, they become effective on WebTrader, when conditions are met. Even if your Internet connection is severed, or your computer shuts down due to a power outage, this will not affect the order that was already transmitted through WebTrader. Rest assured that WebTrader will fulfill orders when conditions are met.

  • Should I learn about the other trading platforms at AvaTrade South Africa before switching to WebTrader?

    WebTrader is an all-in-one resource for trading financial instruments from your browser. It is not necessary to delve into the inner mechanics of all the tools and trading platforms available at AvaTrade South Africa, despite their usefulness. Fortunately, WebTrader is all you need to drill down deeper into the financial markets and place trades without any download or installation of software. WebTrader was designed for quick-trades, courtesy of a low-intensity learning curve, and greater control of your trading. Buy and sell orders are easy to place once you have selected your chosen assets. Red for sell and Green for buy.

  • How do I restore the server connection with WebTrader?

    From time to time, you may receive a ‘Server Connection Failed Error’. The WebTrader system may display this error message immediately after login if your connection proves unsuccessful. To restore your server connection, simply click on ‘Try Again’. If that doesn't resolve the issue, check your Internet connection, and power supply to your PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet. Remember that WebTrader runs directly from your browser (Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome). You need a stable and secure Internet connection at all times.