Islamic Account

Islamic account

Islamic Trading Account

Some of the positions opened by traders are in day trading – open positions for a few hours. However, other traders prefer longer maturities and keep their positions open for more than 24 hours. The fact of leaving open positions on the foreign exchange market for more than 24 hours requires the payment of special fees, called SWAPs.

These fees are a kind of interest rate and, therefore, they are problematic for Muslim traders who follow Shari’a as it prohibits certain financial transactions including those which include the accumulation of interest.

To solve this problem, Avatrade offers Muslim traders a special service called Islamic Trading Account. These accounts have all the options and options of other accounts, but they are not subject to any fees, commissions or interest!

You’re muslim and you want to trade?

If so, the Shari’ah-compliant Islamic account is for you.
When an operation on your Islamic trading account has been opened, an administration fee will be deducted from the account balance.
An Islamic trading account is also called a “no swap account”. This is because a trader using an Islamic trading account will not incur swaps or even commission interest charges on positions they hold overnight as a conventional account holder.

✓ Open an account with only € 100
✓ Withdrawal of earnings in 2 days

Islamic Trading platform

Our online trading platform allows you to trade a wide variety of instruments without commissions or fees!
Avatrade offers more than 250 financial instruments on a single account. You will also benefit from our # 1 Trading Application on the market, as well as the most powerful and proven automated trading tools.

For example, you will follow experienced, successful traders and copy their positions automatically, to limit the risks as a beginner, and to earn income regardless of your trading knowledge.

Trade in 2019 on many the most popular financial products of the moment, for example:

  • Currencies
  • Shares & bonds
  • Raw materials
  • Stock indices
  • Shares & bonds
  • ETFs

Avatrade offers you the guarantee of trading in accordance with Islam, and regulated on all 5 continents
Halal Forex trading account

Avatrade has introduced its Islamic trading account fully in line with Islam. Customers with an Islamic Forex trading account will not be charged daily swaps. The swap fees are fully replaced in the Metatrader 4 platform by a daily administration fee on all Forex trading products.

Come experience a transparent Forex trading with Avatrade on a wide range of currency pairs like EUR USD or commodities, and indices to invest in the stock market. Customers will be able to access their Forex Islamic trading account via the powerful Metatrader 4 platform for example and have the ability to trade anywhere anytime on the mobile trading application.

Avatrade is your Islamic trading partner and wants all its customers to grow their capital, while respecting their belief and the rules of Islam.
Gold trading AvaTrade offers access to the Islamic halal trading of gold and silver. The true Islamic trading of gold and silver must have a physical support in gold and silver. Avatrade offers people wishing to trade in Shariah on Gold and Silver in a healthy way a trading account that complies with Sharia rules.

Trading on the stock market

AvaTrade offers access to halal Islamic trading to invest in the stock market. Discover the Islamic trading account to trade on the stock exchange on the best regulated trading platforms in the world. Avatrade offers to people wishing to trade in accordance with Shari’ah on shares with stock market trading in a healthy way an Islamic stock market trading account bending to Sharia rules.

Islamic Oil trading

Discover the trading of oil according to the rules of Islam with Avatrade today.
The price of oil on the MT4 platform is tied to the price of oil futures traded on futures markets around the world. Trade oil without accumulating swaps with Avatrade.

Islamic Stock index trading

Instantly access the world’s most liquid stock indices on your Avatrade Islamic trading account. Stock market indices directly linked to global stock markets without accumulation of swaps. Pay only administration fees on your Avatrade Islamic trading account.

✓ Enter the markets in 3 minutes 

 * Cryptocurrency trading is not available for Islamic accounts. To trade cryptocurrencies, customers must give up the privileges of their ‘Islamic accounts’ and submit to special fees or interest.
* Some pairs of dorex (ZAR, TRY, RUB, MXN) are not available on Islamic accounts, to exchange these pairs, customers must waive their privileges “Islamic account” and be subject to fees or interest.
Islamic accounts leads to an increase in forex currency commission.
AvaTrade is not a legislative institution; Therefore, do not take this definition of the Islamic account as a trading authorization. Please check that all exchanges are in accordance with your own beliefs.